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Providing IT Staff for the
Development of
Cardinal Ideas

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Contractor Terms as Short as 3 Months in Multiple Countries

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Competitors Shouldn't Know the Move
You're Going to Make Before You Do

Smart objects are coming.
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"Creative thinking is today's most prized profit-producing possession for any individual, corporation or country. It has the capacity to change you, your business and the world."

Robert P. Crawford


What's Trending

Our Top 3 in 2015 Technology

1) Human Performance Improvement (HPI): The art of creating competitive advantage via hardware and software. This categories strength is in its ability to demonstrably compare 'with HPI' and 'without HPI' in side by side use cases. This categories current weakness is its cost of scaling organization-wide.

2) IoT: This commonly in-the-press categories strength comes from having scope of application that covers nearly every imaginable industry. The current front runner segment of this category is consumer product features. Applications include everything from the garage door to medical devices.

3) DNA: Discrete Numerical Architecture is a conceptual framework that allows governments to more efficiently work with numbers (barcodes, short-range wireless, hashtags, assets). What makes this framework interesting is its use of blockchain technology making it the first publically acknowledged application of bitcoin code in government use (CMA 2015, London).

Block Chain

Second year in a row for our most in-demand skill set, block chain technologies.
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Block Chain Wiki Page

Open Data

Don't underestimate contractor activity in support of government open data projects. Expansion expected in both U.S. and Europe.

U.S. Open Data Page

...some of the most talented people I've had the pleasure of working with. Looking forward to next year.

A.G.Steensen, Data Archive project
Objecs Team

Objecs wins Visa/Contactless Innovative award.

Visa / Contactless Award, 2013, London, England.